Mad haPPy Kids Show Programs include combinations of:

Youngsta’s Song and Movement (Ages 3 – 6)
Songs like “The Bunny Hop” and “Reach Very High” and “Mama Kangaroo” engage participants in creative stretching and movement combined with naturalistic fantasy. “Good Good Music” and “Old McDonald” encourage vocalizing and creative thinking. “Monkeys in a Circle” and “Kaden the Elephant” build individual confidence in movement and interaction.

Big Giant Dance Party (Ages 6 – 11)
“Red Light, Green Light” develops skills in listening and improvisatory choreography. “LMNOP” engages children in on-the-spot thinking. “Fairytime Twist” directs the participants through movements from simple arm waving through basic yoga positions.

Worldwide Accordion Exploration (Ages 9 and up)
“Ersko Kolo”, “Ceta” and “Zemer Atiq” are circle dances from the International Folk Dancing repertoire. The history and workings of the accordion are explained. Songs like “9th Frog in the Pond” and “Rocking Chair” incorporate interactive vocalization.

Home-made Instruments!
We make simple decorative shakers and drums out of recycled containers, beans and grains.

“We’re all the same age in Mad haPPy Land”. Parents, teachers and guardians are encouraged to participate in the singing and dancing.

Please Email mike (at) for prices and additional information.